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Democratizing VR/AR Innovation

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VR First Lab Seed Support

VR First's Lab Seed Support Program is designed to enable and incentivize creators and educators interested in exploring the power and potential of virtual reality development. VR First Labs and Centers are designed to be the key locations for nurturing new talent in VR/AR development. Through the program, VR First has sponsored many hackathons and meetups through equipment support, and has established to date more than 50 labs worldwide. These VR First Labs span across all continents and many countries - from New Zealand and South Korea to the US and Brazil.
"Being part of VR First, and the linkages it provides to both commercial and academic partners, is imminently valuable and something we treasure."

Andrew W. Phelps, Director at MAGIC Lab (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY)


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XR Access Symposium

Increasing Accessibility Across the XR Industry, visit www.XRAccess.org for official proceedings. XR Access at Tata Innovation Center in NYCXR Access Symposium Report Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies (XR) are on the cusp of

Rahel Demant

August 13

Educathon 2019, Turkey’s First XR Education Hackathon Takes Shape

Turkey’s first XR education hackathon takes shape The countdown is underway for Turkey’s first XR hackathon for education.Almost from their very conception, immersive technologies have inspired the imaginations of educators around the world.

Michael Barngrover

March 18

Virtual Meetup at MIT: Enablers of Tomorrow 2.0

For those involved, the Reality Virtually Hackathon put on by the MIT Media Lab was the perfect way to kick off 2019. More than being a venue that offers practical experience to the VR development teams of tomorrow, it is also an event that

Lance G Powell Jr

January 31

Join VR First and plant the seeds of innovation at your facility!

VR First's Lab Seed Support Program is driven by the initiative's philosophy of democratizing VR/AR innovation. By providing state-of-the-art hardware and software, VR First enables universities and students to start experimenting with the endless possibilities of VR/AR development. If you want to establish a VR First Lab in your institution and connect with other universities from all around the world, please contact us below.

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Engage, innovate, facilitate.

Apply for Lab Seed Support to become a VR First Lab within in your institution.

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