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Democratizing VR/AR Since 2016

Talent is everywhere, Opportunity is not

Over the last four years, the VR First consortium (HTC, Intel, LeapMotion, Oculus and many other VR/AR companies) have enabled VR First to build a global network of 52 VR/AR labs building VR/AR clusters to strengthen regional tech economies. From supporting hackathons and VR/AR conferences in the USA, Canada and Europe, to building grassroots VR/AR ecosystems in Vietnam, South Africa, Guatemala and Mexico, VR First is connecting VR/AR developers, researchers and companies to build collaborative, diverse and inclusive VR/AR projects. By donating VR/AR headsets and software subscriptions, negotiating discounts for large scale purchases, and consulting on VR/AR education; VR First has successfully supported the adoption of VR/AR tech around the globe.

VR First Lab Coordinators

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