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Get valuable feedback from our experts to move your project to the next level.

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VR First Mentorship Program

VR First has a network of over 50 experts from the industry and academia guiding VR/AR projects - open to everyone working on an innovative VR/AR project. Expose your skills, get feedback and build a network in the VR/AR industry! Learn from industry experts working at HP, HTC, MetaVRse and other exciting VR/AR companies and get your project to the next level.

If you are interested in mentoring one of our VR First Labs students' projects, please contact us below.

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"It is important to support an initiative such as VR First since XR innovation will only come with providing access to tools and curricula to build upon."

Shannon Norrell, VR Evangelist (HP)

VR First Mentors

Alan Smithson

CEO & Co-Founder of MetaVRse

Vicki Lau

Founder, Chief Creative Technologist & CEO at Seyenapse

Shannon Norrell

VR Evangelist at HP

Yu Yuan

IEEE Digital Senses Chair

Raj Tiwari

Global Service Owner Advance Technologies (XR)/Technology leader at Johnson & Johnson

Do you want to be a VR First mentor and lead a VR/AR project to success?

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Share expertise or get matched with a mentor via the VR First Mentorship Program.

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