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Connect your local VR/AR community with the world.

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Enablers of Tomorrow

In the year of VR, VR First started to connect and support the global VR/AR community. Since its beginnings, VR First has attracted over 850 universities and thousands of developers across continents.

VR First Evangelists and Pioneers are proactively engaging their local communities by organizing events, growing their networks, connecting them globally and getting local support from the global VR First Partners.

Be a leading VR First Evangelist in your Region

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Connect with global innovators

Become a VR/AR influencer

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Learn about immersive tech

"I was provided the valuable chance to pioneer promising communities in India by using the democratizing power of VR First. "

Gautam Kumar, Head of Research (European Business School, Germany)

VR First Evangelist Team

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Engage, innovate, facilitate.

Build your local VR/AR network and link it with the global community.

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